Having a bathroom tiled


Tile choices are almost endless. Therefore, it's important for the tile installer to have a good understanding of how different colors and tile sizes affect a bathroom space.

Can you use large tiles in a small bathroom? Are small tiles in a large bathroom a wise choice? Color choice is also very important. How does the color of bathroom tiles affect the atmosphere you are trying to create? Floor and walls in different colors or all the same? Practical considerations also come into play. Can you install new tiles over existing tiles?
In short, when having a bathroom tiled, the most important thing, of course, is that the work is done by a professional tile setter. Our name: 2 Broers 4 Rechterhanden (2 Brothers 4 Right Hands) is not just randomly chosen, we thoroughly understand our craft, and we enjoy doing good work.
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From romantic wood look tiles to sleek concrete look tiles, the style options are endless.



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Tiles often look completely different in your home than in a brightly lit tile showroom.

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We then bring your chosen tile selection as samples to your home for viewing. allesovervloertegels.nl

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